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Bo Knows Networking: GCG Community Member Launches Weekly Twitter Space!

Bo knows baseball. Bo knows football. And Bo wants to get to know GCG members during his weekly Gutter Networking space!

Next Wednesday, 5/17, Bo_Knows (@Molbert_1) is launching Professionally Gutter, with interviews from the professional world of the @GutterCatGang!

Yesterday, he tweeted, "This show, brought to you via twitter spaces, will air Wednesday evenings at 7pm central! Members of the @GutterCatGang community will have a platform to share their experience, knowledge, and passion for their field of work..." It's a chance for the community to discover what makes our "innovators and game changers unique."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Bo_Knows to find out more about why he's launching Professionally Gutter. .

He explained, "I decided to launch it to support one of the Gutter Clubs, Gutter Networking. Professional connection is something I'm passionate about and I love having the ability and opportunity to provide GCG members with a platform to display how amazing they are."

Bo added that he's hoping to impact even one GCG member by providing "fresh perspective on an industry of work or professional position that they did not have before." He's also hopeful that this show can create continued connections among Gutter members.

The goal is to keep a consistent schedule - every Wednesday at 7pm Central - and Bo said he'll also look for feedback from the community.

GCG members can join Gutter Networking via Gutter Clubs on the GCG hub, and should send Bo_Knows a message if you would like to be interviewed!

Bo_Knows is stoked for the launch and wants the Gang to "spread the word and spread the Gutter love! Gang Gang!"

See you all there next Wednesday! Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter.

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