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Blkmamba.eth brings AI derivatives to the Gutter!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Gutter Cat Gang member blkmamba.eth (@k8be24ever_rcf) has been creating AI generated Gutter derivatives for folks across the GCG community, including the Gang's four founders: Ric, Mitch, Dan, and Karlee. Blkmamba.eth tweeted that he's "bullish as ever" on the gang.

Blkmamba.eth's creations have been spreading throughout the Gutter, especially since he dropped a Tweet asking for folks to "comment with [their] pfps" and "get the AI makeover treatment." HetzDoge.ETH showed off his creation, saying, "peep this," and "Mad Respect."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Blkmamba.eth to find out more about his AI Gutter art.

"It felt really great to finally give something back to the community that’s welcomed me in since mint day. Being in the gang has been an incredible experience," he explained.

When he started with his custom Gutter derivatives, he thought he'd "make 5-10 for the community but ended up making close to 50...."Blkmamba.eth shouted out @Stoniphantom, "who has created more edits on my OGs than I can even count," and @r0seNY, who "really paved the way for community led initiatives."

Blkmamba is one of the largest GCG Mamba jersey holders, with OGs and clones; his first cat is currently owned by Puma and appeared on LaMelo Ball’s shoes during an NBA game, "which is one of the coolest things in this entire space!" Blkmamba.eth said he's "made some incredible connections being involved with this project" and will "always be holding" his bag of Gutter assets.

Be sure to reach out to him if you're interested in a GCG derivative, and follow @guttercattimes for all things gutter!

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