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Be Gutter When Others Are Fearful: Gutter Dan Scoops New Cat

Gang Gang!

As the floor price dipped in the Gutter today, Gutter Cat Gang Founder Gutter Dan took the opportunity to scoop up a new Cat to add to his extensive collection.

Just after 9PM on 2/27, Gutter Dan swooped in and bought Gutter Cat #1788, for 1.990 ETH. The Cat is ranked #67 in rarity, according to

This is a 7 trait cat with Grey fur, a BTC hat, Scruffy beard, Squinted Yellow eyes, Hawaiian shirt, Toothpick, and a Green background.

Gutter Dan now holds 22 Gutter Cats, 18 Rats, 11 Pigeons, and 10 Dogs, according to the Gutter Cat Gang Profile and Leaderboard. In addition, he holds 21 D1 Clones and 5 D2 Clones.

Take a look at Gutter Dan's Cat collection below, which includes a variety of Gutter traits:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to track scoops and sales across the Gutter. Follow along @guttercattimes. Gang Gang!

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