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Back To The Gutter: GCG Member UpRevBreak Sweeps 5 Cats, "Feels Good To Be A Kingpin Again!"

UpRevBreak (@UpRevBreak) is back in the Gutter after sweeping 5 OG Cats yesterday!

"I missed being a part of the @GutterCatGang so I just swept 5 cats. Feels good to be KP again. I always said I would rotate some @Memeland profits back into the GCG after winning a WL spot via the raffle and that's what I've done. YUGA, MEMELAND, GCG lets win together folks," he tweeted.

The Gang welcomed him back with open arms, with SpaceMexManny replying, "Once Gang Always Gang."

Plus, Gutter Founders Gutter Ric and Gutter Mitch shouted out a "Gang Gang" to UpRevBreak, stoked for him to rejoin the community!

UpRevBreak's handful of OG Cats are a collection of fantastic felines! Check them out below:

Cat #2692: this chill Cat was purchased for .690 ETH, and is a 7-Trait feline. It has Calico Fur, Yellow-Blue Eyes, Dreads, Toothpick Mouth, Headphones, Tie-Dye Shirt, and a Pink Background.

Cat #969 is a 5-Trait kitty, with Camo Fur, Squinted Green Eyes, Skullz Hat, and bad-ass Biker Shirt, with a Yellow Background. He scooped this one up for .679 ETH.

Cat #351 is a 7-Trait feline, with Bali Fur, Blue Eyes, Afro, Whiskers, Silver Chain Necklace, Black Tank Shirt, and a White Background. This rad Cat was picked up for .679 ETH.

Cat #825 was scooped for .750 ETH, and is a 5-Trait feline. It has Brown Fur, Green Eyes, Sicko Hat, Headphones Necklace, and a Yellow Background.

According to Etherscan, the 4 Cats above were purchased for a total of 2.798 ETH, or $5,273.53.

Cat, #1503, a sleek 4-Trait feline, was purchased for .07 ETH, or $1,319.68, according to Etherscan. It has Calico Fur, Yellow-Green Eyes, a Trapper Hat, and Green Background.

Congrats on the sweet scoops, Gang, and welcome back to the Kingpin Boardroom!

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