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Avatar, The Way Of Gutter: Submit GCG Asset To Artist's Raffle

Gang Gang, and happy Caturday from the Gutter!

There are less than 24-hours left for @GutterCatGang and @CTxNOMOZ holders to submit their assets for Petek's (@voxelqueen) avatar raffle!

Yesterday, Petek tweeted, "Open submissions for @GutterCatGang or @CTxNOMOZ. 48hr. Will recreate one avatar in voxels for free. The winner will be chosen by raffle. All you gotta do is

- RT & Like

- Post the avatar you want to be recreated"

Petek is from Turkey, and an engineer by trade. She's been in the crypto space since 2019: "I've always loved voxels and have been a Minecraft geek my whole life," she said.

As a @CTxNOMOZ holder and a big fan of the Gutter Cat Gang community, Petek wanted to "make something to attract both communities." She highlighted the "friends and network" she's developed during her more than 2-years in the NFT space.

Petek also creates commissioned art, including a video trailer for notable Gutter Cat Gang member and artist @RegularRuben, who designs premium varsity jackets and recently donated hand-made rolling trays to the Gutter Arcade competition.

@RegularRuben commissioned her and a friend to create a music video trailer for a song titled, "Need My Scratch." The full video was produced by Norf Beats, a Fudder from the

@FudderVerse community, and features Gutter cat, Lil Hellcat (@LilHellcatMP).

Check out the video trailer Petek created below, and be sure to add your Gutter asset to the avatar raffle!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more news from the Gutter community! Gang Gang!

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