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ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY: GCG Member Karmelo Drops BTC Ordinals Inspired By The Gutter Cat Gang

The Gang is going cross-chain with this Gutter-inspired collection on Bitcoin!

Gutter Cat Gang member, Karmelo (@notkarmelo) an artist and developer, recently dropped his "Ordinal Cat Gang" collection on Magic Eden!

"OCGs stealth drop now listed on @MEonBTC. These digital artifacts are inscribed at 800x800px on block 9s so the details stay intact on chain. Targeting ~30 total supply. Gutter af. #Caturday#OCG#Bitcoin#Ordinals"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Karmelo to find out more about the collection and his inspiration.

He said, "I recently got added to the Beanie Gang Twitter group and people immediately started dropping their old Gutterz (now called Krew Cats). It was a really fun drop I did for the GCG community that people still love."

"With the renewed interest in GCG on the timeline, combined with the cross-chain activity I see on my Gutter tweets, I thought it'd be fun to drop a really small collection of Cats on Bitcoin and bring those Gutter vibes to the mother of all chains."

Check out the ordinal cat below on block 9s: "For the culture," as Karmelo says!

Karmelo told the GCT, "Anyone can collect one if they have a bitcoin wallet from this link"

He'd originally planned to drop between 20-30, and at the time of this article there are are only a handful left for acquisition from the initial drop.

If Gang need any help, have questions, or want to learn more about BTC ordinals, Karmelo said to reach out to him.

Even as his Ordinal Cat Gang is taking off, Karmelo's primary BTC project is UFBros, which has a phase II release coming up. Be sure to check it out at the link here:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the streets on Gutter's creators and builders. Follow along @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time.

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