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'ALL OF US': GCG Members Are Invited To LOR3LORD's Philly-Based Ape Fest Panel! Find Out More

It's getting a little boring in the swamp, and Apes are inviting the Gutter Cat Gang and other communities to join in the Ape Fest fun!

Next week, November 3-5th, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is kicking off Ape Fest in Hong Kong, with events and activities 'round-the-clock! For those unable to make the journey, Apes are creating local experiences to keep the swamp swinging.

LOR3LORD, a well-known @AllOfUsRadio Twitter Space host and MAYC holder, tweeted, "GM @AllOfUsRadio @NFTPhilly and @BoredIp are looking for panelists to be a part of our Ape Fest activation in Philly! If you would like to be a speaker at our IRL event on Saturday, Nov. 4th, shoot me a DM! Open to all communities!"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to get additional information on the November 4th event, and LOR3LORD shared, "This is open to all communities! We'll have 3 panels:

1: Otherside Game Panel

2: Are You A Degen Panel

3: TBD."

He explained, "As of now, the last panel is open. I want to see what speakers we have and based on that I can determine what the topic should be."

If Gutter Cat Gang are interested in participating on a panel, DM LOR3LORD by Sunday at 5PM EST. No BAYC assets needed.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring cross-community information to the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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