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ALL ABOUT THAT BASS: GCG Member NaNa JJ Drops Drum & Bass Track! Find Out How To Mint & Win A PlayStation 5:

This Gutter Cat Gang DJ's new drum and bass track is a vibe!

NaNa JJ (@Nana4Music) has teamed up with Sunglasses At Night FM (, an up and coming web 3 music platform, and you can get in on the action!

"Gm. Mint opens soon. Mint it because when the song hits 1000 streams on Spotify, all minters take part in a PlayStation 5 raffle," NaNa JJ tweeted earlier today, showing off his new release, "Misago."

NaNa JJ told the Gutter Cat Times that his latest track started to take shape in 2023: "I started to like DNB and added the genre into my library and skillset as a DJ. The next logical step for me was Misago, the production of my 2nd DNB Track."

The track has a "pulsating build up that grabs attention," and includes electric synthesizers and drum beats for a unique listening experience.

Check out the mint site here to get your hands on this rad new track:!

NaNa JJ added, "The Web 2 Version will be released on May 31st, and all minters will automatically be entered into a raffle."

When the Web2 release on Spotify hits 1000 Streams, the raffle will be held: "The winner receives a Playstation 5, shipping is on me!" said NaNa JJ.

Be sure to check out NaNa JJ's new release, Misago, and pick up this dope track!

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