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A NEW ERA: GCG's New Mayor, Noah, Held His Inaugural Gutter City Assembly Last Night!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Less than two weeks after the Gutter Cat Gang got a new owner, Mayor Noah (@mauloadream), took to spaces to talk candidly with the community about all things Gutter.

Kicking off the space, Noah shared that it's a new chapter for the Gang. "We're gonna set the tone for the new era of the Gutter - a lot about communicating, a lot about transparency, a lot about building together, and empowering each other," he shared.

With the conversation clocking in at 2 and 1/2 hours, the information below offers a sweet and condensed version of the Q & A with the Gutter Cat Times and highlights from the discussion with the Gutter Community. The full recording can be found here:

First Week

  • While there are new learnings, Noah's ready and excited by the opportunity to identify and solve problems.

  • He's meeting with the community and NFT project founders / CEOs, while also balancing the administrative tasks of tending to post-close deliverables.

  • Noah said, "The 1-1 calls with community have been fun to see the passion with the GCG IP." He sees that people have hope and said, "It motivates me. This is going to be the #1 community for people that want to create with one of the most special IPs that I've ever encountered."

  • Talking with CEOs from other NFT brands, he's learned about challenges they've faced, and sees the cross-community opportunities as key to longer term sustainability: "It's important for the Gutter to have a leader that's out there, respected, networking, and looking for opportunities for their community."

Gutter Culture & Identity

  • "You can take a lot of cracks at creating great IP and your hit rate may not be great, but Gutter is a home run because of the culture," he said.

  • Noah emphasized that the Gutter can unite with a common goal and build together.

  • Sticking to the founding principle of unity will help the Gutter community to thrive.

IRL Events & Digital-Physical:

  • Noah indicated that there will be a series of events, even though he doesn't have a huge budget.

  • He has aspirations for merging digital with the physical world, and creating experiences that will benefit the community.

Community Conversation: below is a summary of dialogue with community members, with a focus on the business / brand, building, Gutter, and leadership.

Business / Brand:

  • The founders have a passive, minority stake in the new LLC, that Noah leads

  • Without community sentiment, you have nothing; Noah intends to empower creators and create opportunity with IP and licensing.

  • He's seeking to grow the Gutter's audience and partnerships

  • Noah wants the Gang to feel proud to rep Gutter and build under the Gutter brand: "If we build each other up and support our community, it'll be cool to rep Gutter again. I welcome people to build their personal brand and we'll support the heck out of you."


  • Noah seeks to build the culture and the brand by bringing in new people and integrating them into the community.

  • Noah is interested in the collectibles market and thinks "we can do something with the physical world." He mentioned learning from how Pudgy Penguins has executed.

  • He believes the Gutter story is one that people in web2 will connect with.

  • Noah's passionate to set the Gutter up to execute and feel heard.


  • When Noah thinks of the Gutter, he thinks of it as uplifting: " I think of ambition and working through challenges, perseverance, and the gritty and scrappy nature."

  • Gutter has had prior success with streetwear and sports partnerships, and Noah is open to exploring other opportunities.

  • Noah wants to move the Gutter in a new direction: "It's a community I love and something I want to take a shot at. I have a lot of fun trying to do something different that benefits the business."

  • "You rep Gutter, you rep Gutter - there's no difference in your stature in this community" Noah said. He wants to invite ideas from everyone across the Gutter.

  • "We have a strong crew of people who care about this community," and Noah will give them responsibility to make smart decisions.

  • Noah will be un-token gating the Gutter Clubs, leverage the Mod group, and people who are passionate. He sees the Gutter as focusing on content and media.


  • Noah said, "I see the time and energy and passion that people bring, but I might make decisions that everyone won't love that are business decisions. I think I'll be able to share 'why' I do things."

  • He welcomes transparency and accountability as the Mayor of Gutter City.

  • "If you're in the space, and supporting the space, I want to hear from you and engage with you," he said.

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to recap Gutter Assemblies and other news from the community. Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang!.

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